Basic installation instructions for this script

WARNING: Resource must be named wasabi_police to operate properly.

  1. Ensure all dependencies are installed

    Be sure all dependencies are installed, running, and utilizing the latest versions available.

  2. Be sure to have a police job

    You must be sure there is a police job you desire to use as well as ranks/grades for said police job(s). You can do this in your SQL database. You can use the jobs from previous police job.

  3. Install all required SQL (Persistent Cuff)

    If you wish to use the persistent cuff feature, you must install the ESX_PERSISTENT_CUFF.sql file

  4. Configure script to your likings

    Optional, but advised to go through the configuration and adjust to your likings.

  5. Drag script into resources directory

    Be sure to ensure it within your server.cfg after all dependencies.

  6. Restart/Start server

Ensure that esx_policejob or other police job script is removed

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