Common Issues

Fixes to common issues we come across

NUI not showing up?

Before looking for further support, please check the following common issues:

UI is not showing up at all


  • Open server.cfg


  • See if this convar exists in your cfg: setr fivem-appearance:locale


  • Either remove the convar entirely or set to: setr fivem-appearance:locale "en"

For additional languages see fivem-appearance/locales

UI is not showing up after character registration(esx_identity)


  • Open esx_identity/client/main.lua


  • Find: if not ESX.GetConfig().Multichar then TriggerEvent('esx_skin:playerRegistered') end

  • Replace with: if not ESX.GetConfig().Multichar then TriggerEvent('esx_skin:playerRegistered') end TriggerEvent('esx_skin:openSaveableMenu', function() finished = true end, function() finished = true end)


  • Save file & restart server

Hair fades not working properly

Add the following convar to your server.cfg:

setr fivem-appearance:automaticFade 0

Switching from esx_skin/skinchanger with existing users?

SCRIPT ERROR: @fivem-appearance/server.lua:90 attempt to index a nil value (field 'skin') or just not working

This is due to previous data from esx_skin/skinchanger OR skin column is null for character already existing.

A possible remedy to this:

Use this command in your live server console: skinConvert

Other Issues

esx_jobs not changing clothes properly
  • Navigate to esx_jobs/client/main.lua

  • Search for: onDuty = false ESX.ShowNotification(_U('offduty'),"success") ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_skin:getPlayerSkin', function(skin, jobSkin) TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', skin) end)

  • Replace with: onDuty = false ESX.ShowNotification(_U('offduty'),"success") ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_skin:getPlayerSkin', function(skin) TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', skin) end)

Load in as random ped after relog

Open fivem-appearance/client/client.lua


local firstSpawn = true
AddEventHandler('playerSpawned', function()
    if firstSpawn then
        ESX.TriggerServerCallback('fivem-appearance:getPlayerSkin', function(appearance)
            TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', appearance)
        firstSpawn = false

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