Basic installation instructions for this script

WARNING: Resource must be named wasabi_ambulance to operate properly.

If using Anti-Combat Log you must install users.sql located in the _install_first directory

  1. Ensure all dependencies are installed

    Be sure all dependencies are installed, running, and utilizing the latest versions available.

  2. Add items/images from install_first directory

    Located in the _install_first directory, there are inventory images as well as templates for what items will be added.

  3. Be sure 'ambulance' job exists

    Make sure you have an 'ambulance' in your jobs table and grades/rank table of your server(Can be from previous ambulance job).

  4. Edit config as desired

    There are many features turned off by default. Go through them and check them out!

  5. Drag and drop the files

    Drag and drop wasabi_ambulance into your resources directory and add ensure wasabi_ambulance to your server.cfg after dependencies.

  6. Restart/Start Server

Ensure that esx_ambulancejob or any other death handler script is removed

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