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esx_gangs edit for compatibility

If using Config.GangSystem = 'esx' , you must make this small edit to your esx_gangs resource.

  1. Open esx_gangs/server.lua and scroll all the way to the bottom and add a new line.

  2. Add the following code to the bottom of the server lua:

RegisterNetEvent('esx_gangs:server:KickPlayer', function(id)
    if type(source) == "number" and source > 0 then return end

RegisterNetEvent('esx_gangs:server:InvitePlayer', function(id, gang)
    if type(source) == "number" and source > 0 then return end
    InvitePlayer(id, gang)

Register Gangs

  1. Give yourself gpadmin

  1. Open phone and fill the gang details and ServerID of the gang leader

  1. Now you can see that the gang is created successfully

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